Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now All I Need Is A Record Label

Um, wow.

This is Spencer Pratt's album cover.

It's not so much that I'm surprised by the lack of subtlety and creativity at work in the title and overall concept. It's not even the overwhelming toolishness that emanates from this like little sleep zzzzzs silently rise from Lauren Conrad's head at all times.

It's the production value. I mean, really? Maybe Spencer should stop using his money as a fan and invest it in a graphic designer. I could do that shit in Photoshop in five minutes.

And I think I will.

Buy my album, in stores soon.

Tracks include:

"Recycled Underwear"
"Cashin' In (The Coinstar Song)"
"Balllin' (At the Duane Reade Sale Shelf)"
"Final Notice" (samples Destiny's Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills")


  1. Featuring Todd Heppe on the smash hits:
    "Cigarettes or Toilet Paper?"
    "I'm Boiling Hot (Water For 3 Minutes So I Can Make Ramen Noodles)"

  2. He looks like Perez Hilton in that picture!

    My songs are:
    "Sellin' at the Buffalo (Exchange)"
    "Diggin' (For Change in My Car Seat)"
    "Frozen Dinner Paradise"

  3. An album? Really? That's hilarious, and even more so because he's now following me on Twitter for whatever reason. He's such a tool

    PS - He DOES look like Perez!

  4. Some more titles for the flip side:

    "Can't Get No Welfare (Just Above the Poverty Line)"
    "2 Jewish For Xmas"
    "Eggs for Dinner (Again)"
    "Ain't 2 Proud 4 Handouts"

  5. Look for Una and Todd again on his EP titled "W.I.C." (Why I Cry). Featuring:

    "I Stack Bills (And Their Associated Disconnection/Termination Notices)"

    "Taco Bell Banquet"

    "Life Without Walls (The Eviction Song)"

  6. Wow, thank you guys. This album writes itself.


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