Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's A Thong! It's A Hoodie! It's A...Hooded Thong? And Other Adventures In Oxymoronic Fashion

High boots with no toes and thick lensless glasses...

Armless knit sweaters and chaps without asses...

These I can live with although they are wrong,
But I draw the line at this gray hooded thong.

Rompers on adults and babies in leather...

PVC leggings and undies with feathers...

These should be burned for the world's common good,
But they don't come close to this thong with a hood!

Formal shorts and
high-heeled sneakers...

Always make me mad.
But then I remember this gray hooded thong:

And then they don’t seeeeeeeeeem so bad!

(Thanks to PeaceBang for linking to this and getting me so much traffic on this post!)


  1. Hysterical. Also, what is hanging off that woman's nipples?

  2. Is that a rock she's stepping on...and holding?? And is that moss on it or vomit?

  3. Outstanding work. :)

  4. Haha awesome post. Nice job with the rhyming too.

  5. hsofia6:03 PM

    Why is this model ORANGE?

  6. ahahahaaaaa. i just walked past this store called jessi new york and saw the most amazing pair of boots -- open-toed knee high brown suede with fringe -- delightful. also, i'm diggin' the old skool 80's aerobics tennis shoes. nice touch.

  7. Thanks, all, for encouraging my terrible song parodies. Ellen, I believe those are pasties made of spaghetti squash. Kate, it IS a rock, and I believe that is meant to be moss but looks to me like squished Fraggles. Hsofia... perhaps the model is related to Michael Kors?

  8. Now THAT is a Christmas song I can get behind!


  9. this post literally made my day. thank you.

  10. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Oh, my goodness. I'm supposed to be sitting here writing four sermons, and instead I'm laughing so hard I can't see. Thank you!

  11. I'll take one in that fetching gray/hologram colorway. Why isn't there a back shot?

  12. Wow, great holloween ideas. Also, the pics would do some good at the poison control center, where they could be used to help induce vomiting.

  13. Brilliant. Just brilliant.


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