Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fun With Crosswords 5: The Boy Who Cried Shart

Disclaimer: Jeff is a huge help with the Sunday NYT crossword puzzle. He knows, for instance, that the Army of the Potomac commander during the Civil War was "Meade" and that a British gun is called a "sten," whereas I excel at clues like "Laura ___ Giacomo of Just Shoot Me." However, he also has the sense of humor of a twelve year-old, which sometimes throws me off.

Last night we were cuddled up in bed at like 9:30 doing last weekend's puzzle (and, you know, donning our nightcaps and taking out our dentures).

ME: OK, 41-Across. William ________, longtime editor of The New Yorker.
JEFF: How many letters?
ME: Five, and we have S-H-A-blank-blank.
JEFF: Shart! (Cracks up)
ME: No. First of all, Shart is not a last name. Secondly, I don't believe that's listed in the OED.

(Moments later...)

ME: OK, 69-Across. French seaport. Starts with a 'B.'
JEFF: Breast!
ME: Shut up.
JEFF: No, really. B-R-E-S-T. Port de Brest. I swear.
ME: Well, how am I supposed to listen to you after the William Shart suggestion?
JEFF: (Cracks up again).
ME: "The Boy Who Cried Shart," that's tomorrow's blog post.


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  1. Shocked he didn't make a comment about it being clue '69 across.'


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