Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Play's The Thing (I Haven't Started)

Happy November, kids! I've been asked by a great fledgling arts collective to write a one-act play based on a blog post. The first draft is due Thursday and I haven't started (what, bidding on that Cross Colours jacket took up a lot of time, people!). I have some ideas, and have gotten great feedback from other bloggers who are also doing plays for this endeavor (check them out on my blog roll!), but I also want to get your 11th hour votes.

Any posts stand out to you that would translate well to the stage? I realize that the majority of my posts are monologue-y (and are also about, like, nachos and weaves I see in the street, which don't have a lot of dramatic potential...) but the play doesn't have to be a literal interpretation.

Thanks in advance for your input. While I wait for you to give me all the answers I will eat my weight in candy corn while watching old episodes of The Twilight Zone. Working is hard!


  1. Your posts about your marriage are already set up as dialogue. You could do a short play about you and Jeff! Hey, I'd watch it.

  2. We'll perform it for you in Indiana some day!

  3. Anonymous10:11 AM

    A selection (or a series of selections) from scenes from a marriage gets my vote.

  4. Anonymous4:53 PM

    you two are adorable! love stories always grab my attention, especially when they're as hilariously cute as yours!

  5. I know this is an old post... but I'd love to see the "peeing on the floor" incident done up in play form!!


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