Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pilgrimage to Mecca Necco

How many times have I written on this blog about candy? Let me count:

Three times a lady.
Also, here, here, and here.

Anyway, a lot.

I LOVE CANDY. Who doesn't, you might ask? Well, some people. And if you are one of those people, you can stop here; you're not invited to the rest of this post.

So there is this place in Manhattan called Economy Candy. It sells all kinds of candy, especially old retro stuff and hard-to-find candy. Somehow I have never been--possibly because I don't know if I could stand it--but I've been sick, and Jeff decided I needed a pick-me-up.

Clearly, it was working even before we left Brooklyn:

We walked down Atlantic Avenue en route to the Brooklyn Bridge, and I have to take a moment to show you this:

I'd like to see the original Carpet Warehouse. Does this really burn their ass? Also, why not just say "Best Carpet Warehouse"? Aim high!

We got to the bridge and Jeff was all, "Let me take your picture!" and I'm all, "I am on my way to get CANDY, why are you making me stand still?"

We burned our little buns off power walking across the bridge and through the many smells of Chinatown. But finally, Economy Candy was in sight.

I pretty much blacked out after Jeff took that photo. I barely remember being inside. Luckily, we have proof:

After we left my adrenaline rush ended and I could barely walk to the subway. But we made it home and Jeff suggested we do a video blog showing off our $35 worth of candy.

It is like 8 minutes long, consider yourself warned. Sorry. We were really excited. If you don't want to watch it (I don't blame you) a list of our booty can be found below.

Charleston Chews (3--one of each flavor)
Runts (1)
Big League Chew (1)
Now and Laters (1)
Pop Rocks (pack of 3)
Dinosaur eggs (2)
Gummy rat (1--ew)
Candy cigarettes (1)
Giant pixy stix (1)
Abba Zabba (1)
Mary Janes (15--mini sized)
Candy necklace (1)
Sifer's Valomilk (1)
Mallo Cups (1)
Doscher's Famous Strawberry French chew (1)
Candy buttons (1 strip)
Bit-O-Honey (1)
Sugar Daddy (1)
Clark bar (1)
Cherry Mash (1)
Warheads (1 pack)
Push Pop (1, watermelon)
Jawbreaker (1)
Wax lips (1)
Was mustache (1)

I'll blog again in a few months once I come down from my sugar high.


  1. I loved so many things about this. First of all, you and your husband are freaking adorable. Second of all, I love your GIANT GLASS OF WINE. Third, I now know about Economy Candy, and for that I deeply thank you. Just the other day I was having a craving for some Mary Janes and maybe some candy buttons (I'm with Jeff, those things are awesome) and now I know where to get them!

  2. that picture of you jumping on atlantic avenue is too precious

  3. Hello Sassy and Mr. Curmudgeon,

    I hope the Sifers VALOMILK Candy Cups were fresh. I am not familiar with Economy Candy (we sell through distributors)so I am curious as to how they ended up in New York.


    Russ Sifers

  4. Thanks Mr. Sifers! I loved reading about you in Candy Freak. The Valomilks were delicious, much better than the generic Mallow Cups.... keep up the good work.

  5. I just watched this, linking from your post today. I did watch the entire 8 minutes, and I have to say I'm disappointed. No candy whistles?? Those are the best- you get to annoy people while enjoying candy!!
    You need to go back.


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