Wednesday, November 18, 2009

282Good 2Be 4Gotten

This weekend—when I wasn't mulling over my former secret life as a prostitute or trying on hairpieces—I went to a bar in my neighborhood to meet up with members of my elementary school class. When I told other friends that I was going to a grade school reunion, they looked at me like I was nuts. But believe it or not, Brooklyn can feel like a small town to those of us who grew up here, and the families of my classmates were (like the Manzo family on The Real Housewives of New Jersey) thick as thieves. As I've written before, our community was tight-knit. Our mothers still run into each other on the street or at the grocery store and gossip about our jobs, kids, marriages, overall health, and sexual orientation, reporting back to us breathlessly. So that, combined with Facebook updates, made us feel like we hadn't strayed too far from the squat little building on 6th Avenue in Park Slope that held us all prisoner taught and nurtured us up until 1992, when we graduated and went off to middle school.

P.S. 282, July 2009

Here we are in our heyday, circa 1989...

And here we are twenty years later, some of us married, some of us parents, all of us a little fatter (but also feet taller), and still kids at heart.

One person missing from the second photo is Abibio "Troy" Sandy (far left in the first photo, in the hat), who passed away in July, and whose death was one of the reasons for our reunion.

We missed you, Abibio.

There was a whole lot of love in that beer garden.

It was especially nice to get UTAH back together.

UTAH in correct order: Una, Tara, Adrianna, Halima

There's something so deeply moving about being reunited with people who knew you as a child, before you knew heartbreak or worry lines or the term "stressed out." These people knew me just when I was beginning to know myself, and I'll always love them.



  1. Anonymous11:22 PM

    LOVE the kids in elementary school who were taller than the teacher.

    and duh, i love 282... our bonds are tied for e'er, or however the song goes.

  2. The world I grew up in couldn't not be farther from yours, but whenever I return to Wyoming, I feel like I've gone back to the mother ship. There's nothing like the long enduring love of people who knew you before.

    Love your blog - just discovered, added to my list and will read regularly.

  3. I found this blog after I googled Abibio Sandy. I was looking for him on facebok and found out that he was no longer with us. We went to Satellite West JHS together and he became one of my best friends. We rode the bus together everyday. I really do miss my old friend.

  4. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Wow i went to this school around the same time, had ms cover as my teacher, and sad i cant remember anyone from it as i move away right after i graduated

  5. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Hello.....Abibio was a close...very close dear friend of mine when we were in the Army. Does anyone know when....where....or how he died. It is June 2014 and im just now finding out about his passing.

    1. Anonymous2:07 AM

      I have no idea about how Ababio died... but I am actually a long lost relative that has been looking for him for years. Can you tell me the years in service? I was an airman and will look through military records. It is June 2014. I will periodically check this site.

  6. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Its June 20, 2014. We were stationed together in Pusan South Korea between 2001-2003. I believe he said he went to Ft. Benning Georgia after that. We would email and talk on the phone all the time. He was going through a rough time at that time but seemed his situation was getting better. Then all of a sudden no emails returned or calls. Please, please let me know if u find anything surrounding his death.


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