Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Price of Laziness, Episode 2

A week from Monday it will be Jeff's and my 2nd anniversary. And today I finally got around to thinking about dry cleaning my wedding dress.

You all know how I am with dry cleaning (for a reminder, see the original The Price of Laziness blog). At any given time I literally have at least $200 worth of dry cleaning to do, and I assuage my guilt over not being able to afford doing it by re-sorting and transferring the piles from bag to bag (and then shove the bags in any given number of closets). So I suppose it's in character that the morning after our wedding, I folded the dress in half, put it in a large suitcase, and stowed in on a shelf in my closet, where it has remained, untouched and unpreserved, to this day. (On this day it is hanging in a plastic bag in my closet, so it's slowly but surely gaining the strength to walk itself out of my building and the two blocks to the nearest dry cleaner.)

Jeff tells me I should donate it back to the place I bought it, which is a lovely organization that sells designer dresses at up to 75% off and donates all proceeds to charity. But I've been stalling for a long time because I kind of want to keep it. I mean, yes, I keep it in a closet with not even a scrap of tissue paper to cushion it, which is kind of Flowers In the Attic-y, and of course I'll never wear it again (except when I, um, tried it on today), but it's my wedding dress. It seems like I should keep it around, if only for my future daughter or gay son to play around in. Then again, especially in this economy I'm sure it would help a lot of people if I gave it back. Ugh, conundrum. Maybe while my dress is figuring out a way to get itself dry cleaned it can make this decision, too.

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