Sunday, October 4, 2009

Picture Day!

I lied! I am not done time traveling yet, because today I unearthed some choice school photos from the 80s that I feel I would be remiss not to share.

Class pictures are so funny, because everyone unfailingly falls into one of two categories:

1. Yes, they meant to wear that communion dress/Thundercats tee shirt/eyesore of a sweater; in fact, they picked it out special because it was picture day.

2. Um, yeah, their parents totally forgot it was picture day.

Even funnier? I have no idea which category I fall into in this first grade photo.

Let's zoom in, shall we?

There's no denying that I look stupid happy to be wearing my Punky Brewster Halloween costume (that's what it is, right?). But did I know it would be memorialized on film for all time?

Obviously, in second grade, I came prepared:

Oh, oversize bow sweatshirt, you are so fine...

Peep the turquoise turtleneck and matching tights!

Here, from 3rd grade through 6th, are outfits I chose specifically for picture day:


I cannot defend the sweater, which seems to be part of a psychedelic series (see the 5th photo in my 2007 Go Fug Myself post), or the stoner face, but I will say that my supposed "best friend" Halima told me I would look prettier with my hair tucked behind my ears, which was clearly an act of sabotage.


Hello from Amish Country! Wish you were here! (I tell myself that this would look better if the bow were straight... and I'm going to keep telling myself that.)


I think I got this at MoMA. I was ahead of my time. It looks kind of like Picasso tried to tackle the miracle of conception. The boys in the front row were, alternately, amused and not amused.


The only thing worse than this outfit is the knowledge that at some point that year I wore that tapestry vest backwards because of Kriss Kross.

I should start a website for this stuff, right? I'll probably get a book deal. Just look at Awkward Family Photos! Or We Have Lasers, which is more about the laser background than the fashion...Must stop blogging now to purchase


  1. One step worse than choosing these outfits to look cool on picture day? Purposely choosing the same exact outfits from the hand me down bag to mimic your big sisters sweet fashion sense.

    p.s. Mom MADE us both where that hideous color block sweater for our 3rd grade picture day photos. She really liked that sweater for some reason.I think we fall into the forgotten category 3) Yes, we meant to where this hideous outfit because our parents take picture day pretty seriously and are blind to our awkwardness.

  2. Sandra7:52 PM

    You made me laugh out loud and I am not a laugh-out-loud at the computer kind of girl.Thanks,

  3. Thanks, Sandra! I am not a laugh-out-loud girl either, so I feel you.

    And Zoe, DUDE, I know. Our lives would have been so much better if they had seen how fugly we were.

  4. Anonymous9:13 PM

    282 4evaaa

    you made me lol at the amish tie


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