Friday, October 16, 2009

Jeff's CANDY Art Show This Weekend

CALLING ALL NEW YORKERS: Hubby Jeff is showing photographs this weekend at the Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour (questionably acronymed AGAST). The weather will be shitty, which is all the more reason to come inside and drink some wine and eat some CANDY and see some art.


280 Nevins Street, 2nd Floor (and surrounding blocks—get a map of all participating artists at the AGAST website, above)
Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18
1-6 PM

Not only will you see me and Jeff and Jeff's art, but I'll be representing my mom and HER art there, too! Awesomeness overload, I know.

Just look at these fun-filled pics from last year's event:

The artist, contemplating his own art. So deep!

We had a pumpkin, napkins, wine, and CANDY. What more could you ask for?

The pumpkin's pretty cute... it totally makes you want to come, right? It totally does.

Okay, well if CANDY and cuteness won't tempt you, here's some sneak peeks at the actual, you know, art part.

Care Bear in its natural habitat. (Central Park West—who knew?)

Mermaid in her natural habitat. (Coney Island, of course.)

The now-demolished Underberg building, cleared to make space for a giant squashed fedora.

See more at Jeff's business fan page on Facebook. And while you're there, become a fan why doncha.

Seriously though, I really hope to see you there this weekend. So does Jeff. So does the giant bowl of CANDY. I can't eat it all myself, you know. Well, okay, yes I can but you see my point.


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  1. Note for people in general: Check the MTA Service Changes for the weekend! No R service anywhere near AGAST. The N takes over. And so forth...


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