Friday, October 30, 2009

Hansel...So Hot Right Now

I do not, as a rule, dress up at the office for Halloween. But yesterday a friend approached me with a plea to round out his group costume as the cast of Zoolander. My role? Hansel, the peyote-smoking male model who challenges Derek Zoolander to an underpants-removing walk-off.

Hansel wears a brown suede fringed jacket, which I was not about to buy just for a costume, so instead I gathered a cheap hippie shirt, hideous leggings meant to approximate snakeskin pants (I actually once owned fake snakeskin pants in college, and wore them unironically and NOT as part of a costume! But I had the good sense to get rid of them years ago), and a blonde wig that the box described as "Surfer Dude."

The result?

Ok, so I might get mistaken for Anne Heche during one of her schizophrenic episodes as Celestia...or maybe Chynna Phillips on a 90s worst-dressed list, but at least I look convincingly high.

Shout-outs to Rich, our fearless leader, aka Mugatu; Anthony, who makes a ridiculously good-looking Derek Zoolander and even made his own tiny cellphone!; and Christie, who vamped it up as Katinka.


  1. This is seriously the best Halloween costume entourage I have seen all year. Maybe my undying love for Zoolander makes me biased ;)

    I also wanted to let you know that your PR recaps helped inspire me to start my own recap blog for my favorite show. I found out about your blog through your PR recaps on the Huffington Post, and I am a subscriber, though I may have never commented before! If you are interested at all, my recap blog address is here:

    It is for a television show on adult swim called "The Venture Bros." In my introductory post I talk about how I am not sure a recap blog for a show that is not love/hate reality television will work out. I hope it does though :)

  2. Thanks so much, Summer. I will definitely check out your recap blog. I'm thinking of doing more recaps on my personal blog too, once Runway is over. After all, most of what I watch is too low brow for HuffPo!


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