Sunday, October 18, 2009


Tomorrow (10/19) is Jeff's and my two-year wedding anniversary. We've had a bunch of different anniversaries over the years. We first met at Wesleyan, although neither of us has any idea when or where--we were ambivalent acquaintances for the duration of college. Then we took a tango class together in the spring of 2003 (taught by a mutual friend who was then Jeff's roommate), and one night in early April we were the only ones to show up. We danced, had beers, and started a kind of courtship that lasted about two weeks. We started dating officially in late April, but then broke up in June. The following New Year's day, Jeff showed up at my apartment and we've been together ever since. It's a lot to keep track of, so it's nice to have one day on which we can celebrate it all (growing up, my parents always celebrated two anniversaries: one for their wedding and one for when they, in their words, "became a couple," which grossed me out when I realized what it must have meant).

We've decided not to exchange anniversary gifts. Instead each year we'll have a nice dinner out and just celebrate our magical union. But this year I couldn't resist getting Jeff a card I found on my recent trip to Virginia:

(Click to enlarge if you can't read what it says. I promise it's worth it.

Oh, and for our first dance at our wedding, we performed a tango, taught by the same friend who inadvertently brought us together over 6 years ago. We didn't have a videographer but my bridesmaid Chessa, wisely realizing that I would want to have a record of the payoff of our painstaking rehearsals, took a video on her camera. So I'd like to introduce the world premiere video of our first dance. We may have forgotten the steps over the last two years, but we're still perfectly in sync. (Did that sound too much like a Sex and the City voiceover? I couldn't help but wonder...)



  1. Chessa11:30 PM

    Yay! And remarkably un-grainy for my point -&-shoot. Or maybe it's because I just watched it on my iPod screen. Either way, Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Not sure if you're noticing a trend but I (along with my friend and room mate) have been reading your blog from front to back now that we've discovered it and our many similarities to you. This post is another example of that! My anniversary with my husband is also on the 19th (but January, but still) and we also took a dance class together (cha-cha) which we also did at our wedding :)...

    And I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me - going back in time into your blog (is that considered a creepy stalker or genuine fan? not sure yet.)

  3. No, I love that you're reading back through the blog. I consider it a high compliment :)


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