Friday, October 2, 2009

Anatomy of a Migraine

I once had a migraine. Once, I know, is lucky. But then last night it happened again, so now it's twice. Three times, and maybe I'll be a lady. A pill-popping, dark glasses-wearing lady. Here's how it went down:

8:40 pm, on F train: Having trouble seeing Blair and Chuck's faces on my tiny iPod nano screen. Look up; also cannot really focus on Dr. Zizmor. Am going blind. Have finally ruined my sight, and it is all because I do not have cable. Oh, the humanity!

9:00 pm, friend's apartment: Someone is having a party inside my left eye. Disco-ball shimmers invade my peripheral vision.

9:35 pm: Now Wolverine is giving my brain a deep tissue massage.

9:50 pm: Maybe wine will help?

10:05 pm: Wine does not help.

10:12 pm: Ugh, Louise and Nic are a team for the challenge on this week's Project Runway. Urge to kill rising.

10:40 pm: Regular light does not hurt eyes; glow from Michael Kors' radioactive tan too much to bear.

11:00 pm: Oh, sweet Excedrin Migraine, there you are! Will not tempt fate with Models of the Runway.


  1. Weed helps too. (Uh, somebody told me that once.)

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Nutrasweet can cause Migraines. A good way to avoid them is to stay hydrated and avoid artificial sweetners as well as other migraine triggers which are different for everyone. Hope you don't get any more, they are a bitch.


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