Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ugly-ment Domain

Ugh. The sixty-seventh design or whatever has been released for the Atlantic Yards, Bruce Ratner's planned 22-acre development for the New Jersey Nets' stadium, office buildings, and some token housing units that happens to be blocks from my apartment (and from the house I grew up in).

Daniel Goldstein of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn (for which I consider myself an unofficial model—see top right of the blog home page), said: "The arena design is irrelevant. Designs continue to come and go, but they change nothing. It’s all lipstick on a corrupt pig, window-dressing on a boondoggle."

Zing! But seriously, Daniel...does this look like lipstick to you?

More like a giant beer can opener, I'd say...

Or a sat-upon straw fedora.

You know what they say, of course: You can put a squashed fedora on a pig, but Bruce Ratner is still a corrupt fucking douchebag.

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