Friday, September 18, 2009

Sac Up!

For your weekend enjoyment, I give you the Cap-sac. I can't really tell if it's real or a joke (the site does seem to sell them, so my hope is that the Cap-sacs are as real as their throwback Caboodles-style logo), but it got my creative juices flowing and I had to express myself in rap, as I am wont to do.

CAP-SAC (to the tune of "Top That" from Teen Witch)
by Una C. LaMarche

I’m dope, and they know it

When I wear my head sac everybody says show it

It’s blue or it’s red

Store my wallet on my forehead

Cap-sac! Cap-sac!

You can cram an entire sandwich into my Cap-sac!

You can probably fit a beer can into my Cap-sac!

Huh huh

It’s a hat

With a flap
And when I show my sac off people say Oh Snap!

Cap-sac! Cap-sac!

You can have my Hammer pants but you can’t have my Cap-sac!

Super 80s, vaguely sexual, don't make you look intellectual, I know that you all wanna go and buy a Cap-sac!
Such a waste of fanny space but I like my sacs in my face
I wish that you would take a look at my fly Cap-sac!
Cap-sac! Cap-sac!
Take off that fedora and put on a cap-sac.
Cap-sac! Cap-sac!
I wish you would stop sweating my amazing Cap-sac
Holds my dollars, so
Holla at my funky Cap-sac

Saying sac is funny, say it loud: Cap-sac!
Cap-sac, big deal

Cap-sac, unreal

Comes in red, comes in blue

It won't make a fool of you



  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I'm afraid that the eye is not drawn to the intended sack in this photo. Where does a man purchase shorts like that, and why would he want to?

  2. It's refreshing to know that I'm not the only one who knows "Top That." I was singing it at work the other day, and one of my co-workers was all, "What the hell is wrong with you?" Clearly, the answer to that question is "the same thing that is wrong with Una."

  3. my neighbors must be wondering why the crazy foreigner next door laughs so heartily. top that.

  4. I am dying! DYING!! Top That is totally one of my favorite songs ever and on my iPod feel-good mix. Nobody ever knows wtf I'm talking about when I quote that song. Or the movie. EXCEPT YOU, UNA. EXCEPT YOU.


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