Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze

Oh my God, you guys, I am so sad. Patrick Swayze died. And then when I got home I checked my blog traffic and nearly all of my hits were coming from the image of him I used in this post. And I'm emotional anyway these days and then I found this video on Youtube (actually I had to search for it for ten minutes--why are all of the versions dubbed over in Spanish?). I always used to watch my prehistoric VHS tape of Ghost and cry like a baby at the end when Molly gets to see Sam one last time, and he tells her "the love inside... you take it with you." [bursts into tears over keyboard]. Okay obviously my estrogen levels have a lot to do with this mood; it's not all Johnny Castle. But if you need a good cry, watch this. You'll be in good company...mine.



  1. That clip gives me chills.

  2. I almost got teary-eyed myself and then had to man up right quick.

  3. I was in a bar for a Gossip Girl premiere watching party (oh god... yes it's true) when I learned of his death. The local news showed a clip from Ghost on the big screen and the sound wasn't even turned on and I started tearing up.


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