Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Last Time I Will Mention Kate Gosselin On This Blog, As I Don't Even Watch Her Stupid Show But Am Entranced By Hairstyles of the Rich and Famous

Oh thank God. Now I'm back in my element. A few months ago, I asked if we could talk about this (aka the look on the right below), but now can we talk about this (the look on the left)?

Sooooo much better, no? That reverse mullet was fugly. Now, Kate kind of looks like she could star in a remake of LL Cool J's "Around The Way Girl" (yes, I am obsessed with LL. Obsessed. Deal.) but at least she no longer looks like she'd hit you in the face with a sock full of nickels and steal your wallet at a rest stop bathroom on the Jersey Turnpike.

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