Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Went To A Lot of Weddings This Month

I'm kind of blocked for blog posts this week. I told Jeff and he said "Why don't you post pictures and say, 'I went to a lot of weddings.'"

Sounds good to me!

I went to a lot of weddings this month. First up, Keith and Sarah, who were married in scenic Boothbay Harbor, ME. This is them:

photo by Joe Savitch

The night before the wedding they treated all of their guests to a booze cruise!

photo by hubby Jeff

The next day kicked off with the famous Olympiad and then ended with the hitchin'.

Their ceremony was one of the best I've ever seen. They met on Craigslist, and had friends do dramatic readings from their initial correspondences, which were sweet and hilarious. Although it smacks of a Jane Austen romance, it really is possible in this day and age for people to fall in love with each other before they meet. Who knew?

Our friend, who by the power vested in him by the state of the Internet is now the Reverend Micah Q. Allen, officiated.

photo by Joe Savitch

Every detail was so beautiful and unique, down the the bouttonieres made from pages of Infinite Jest by david Foster Wallace, an author Sarah and Keith love.

photo by hubby Jeff

On to the reception. So...I am a very excitable dancer, which means that I tend to attract photographers at weddings like moths to my spastic flame.

photo by Joe Savitch

Note how Ellaree and Jeff are kind of looking away shamefully in the foreground.

photo by Joe Savitch

(My boobs are actually not as big as they appear here. The generous high angle acts like a reverse side mirror on a car.)

S & K had a camera set up in a side room during the reception. People could snap their own portraits, photobooth-style.

photo by Joe Savitch

I had covered up the girls with a sweater and switched to flats by this point. You can drag a girl off the couch but you can't make her clean up nice!

This past weekend I went to TWO weddings, but my deadbeat husband hasn't downloaded his photos yet (I kid, honey, I kid). Hopefully I won't be so blocked that I have to rely solely on them for material.

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  1. LOOOVEEE the flower made from a book/author they both love. Maybe the sweetest idea ever.


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