Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dispatch From Richmond, Day One

Hi y'all! I'm in Richmond, visiting my bestest friend Charlie. I flew in early this morning and he picked me up at the airport.
After breakfast, he drove me around and showed me some of Richmond's famous sights, including a memorial statue of Arthur Ashe about to beat some young children with his tennis racket (well, that's what it looked like; apologies for the lack of photo evidence.)

Then we went to Carytown, where we shopped in some fabulous stores that sell the sort of tchotchkes that no one needs but everyone wants. Like this bacon tuxedo!

Very sadly, it turned out that this was just a fake gift box.

This Singin' In The Rain shower curtain, however, is very real and I WANT IT.

Charlie preferred the Psycho version:

We tried on hats...

And I bought some eyebrows, to get back to my roots.

Then we went for another scenic drive. Here is Charlie's creepy-looking Patron Saint of Lost Things:

And his amazing air freshener ("Skipping: Jogging's Gay Brother") and hanging Gumby.

Pokey's riding the rearview mirror!

Oh, yeah, we also bought some mustaches.


Fun fact: Charlie works at Starbucks, and he did these fabulous chalk drawings. I have always wondered what magical elves made them, and now I know it is my magical elf.

These pics are all from my BlackBerry... more and better ones to come tomorrow from my real camera.

Oh, and tomorrow we are going to the state fair! Thank God I remembered to bring my crinoline...


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