Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cry For Help

Oh no.

I was on the Anthropologie site—which I know never ends well—and... well, I'll just say it. To paraphrase the romper patron saint, Katy Perry, I saw a romper... and I liked it.

In my defense, it looks like pants and a top. Right? It totally does! It's a romper in denial. And it's sailor-y, guys, which is my secret sartorial fetish!

Oh and then. And THEN. It gets worse. I tried to envision the perfect shoes to wear were I to enter a state of temporary insanity and actually purchase this romper... and I found myself fantasizing about these:

Spectator-inspired oxford booties! I KNOW. My ankles are not at all amused by this folly, but my brain insists that they are cute. And they are. SO CUTE.

HELP ME. It's like I don't even know who I am anymore.


  1. I have a crazy weakness for oxford boots (as long as they're not open-toed).

    But I do think you should step away from the romper in denial.

  2. Una. Una. Una.

    This romper is, in a word, UNNECESSARY! Just buy a sailor-y top! And tuck it into some tight waist-high pants! And then it's versatile! You can wear the hot pants with non-sailory tops and the sailory top with a sexy skirt now and then! YOU DON'T NEED A ROMPER!

    but i concur about the shoes. you need them.

  3. Don't do it! It has panic run to the loo as realise need additional time to disrobe trip on cute but high shoes and pee on self outside cubicle but inside romper written all over it!

  4. mmm maybe we were raised wrong, I'm kinda with you. I want those shoes. But the romper,while cute, will never work because in truth we are only the length of the pant legs. Also it looks like it has bunchy crotch syndrome.
    never order pants online, evvvver.


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