Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday in Pictures

So this morning I went to one of my all time favorite places, Penn Station, to board a train to Westerly, RI for my Dad's birthday festivities (my father takes birthdays very seriously, as I've mentioned previously, and the celebrations for his 50th in 2005 went on for so long that a friend of his dubbed it 'Garadan.' His name is Gara, so it's like Ramadan, get it?)

Anyway, when I got there I found out that all of Amtrak's trains were delayed due to some sort of signal malfunction. I waited an extra hour and then, once my train had pulled out of Penn Station and traveled for precisely five minutes, the engine failed, necessitating a 90-minute wait for a "rescue engine."

Luckily I had Season 4 of The Office as well as a webcam to keep me entertained...

While I was waiting, Jeff sent me the following screen capture. It seems he had been reading the Boston Globe for Red Sox scores when he happened upon a, erm, colorful entry in the community web forum:

In case you can't read that, it says, and I quote: MY HUSBAND'S ASSHOLE IS A PARKING LOT FOR COCK!!!

Now that I've typed that I've no doubt that this blog will pop up on Google searches for hardcore porn, but it's worth it because I have a new favorite phrase. I immediately texted Jeff from my stalled train that Amtrak was also a parking lot for cock.

Many hilarious Dunder Mifflin escapades later, I arrived in Westerly, where I spent a lovely afternoon with my extended LaMarche family. After dinner, chocolate whiskey cake, and present-opening, my Dad and his girlfriend introduced me to one of their favorite games, Bananagrams. It's Scrabble-esque, except that instead of playing on a big board players make their own crosswords and compete to see who can use all of their letters first. One of my first efforts:

Than Them Queens would make a great band name, no? I'll file that away with my fantasy 6th grade band, The Trapperkeepers.

Anyway, that's my day. I'm literally lying in bed right now on the verge of sleep... and it's barely 11. But my body kind of aches because last night I took an intense dance class which not only required me to wear neon orange short shorts but also totally kicked my ass. It's nice to be tired and to have nothing to do but sleep.



  1. Chessa11:53 PM

    Mike and I received Bananagrams in our Christmas stockings 2 years ago... I think we played once...

  2. micah3:52 PM

    Queens Rap Orgy would also be a pretty great band name. But more importantly, I played Bananagrams with my sister yesterday!!


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