Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reclaiming the Sick Day

I've been sick for a few days now so have had to stay home reading (and, of course, making lists of hot actors from the ’'s like breathing for me, I have to do it), but today I fucking owned my sick Saturday. Check this out:

A) I wrote for three hours. And I didn't check my email once the whole time.

B) I cleaned the whole apartment. Even the toilet.

C) I dropped off dry-cleaning.

D) I blasted my glutes with a Total Workout In Ten (I am a sucker for anything that promises fitness in ten minutes. Or, even better, eight minutes).

E) I showered. Twice.

F) I made a fucking beautiful loaf of homemade bread!

And it's only 6:15. I have so much time to be lazy now!

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