Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quick Hello from Massachusetts

I am hiding in my mother-in-law's office, making a playlist for my brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law's wedding shower. Lee (my M-I-L) had actually printed out EHow directions on how to make an iPod playlist (awwww), and seemed relieved when I said I could do it. Also we just went shopping and she literally bought the following for a party of maybe 25 people:

-Cheese and fruit platter (prepared)
-10 artisanal cheeses
-3 packs of Cracker Barrel pre-cut cheddar
-a block of extra-sharp cheddar
-a package of cream cheese

I don't think I can put it better than she did: "No one will be pooping tomorrow."

1 comment :

  1. My Mom once asked me if I need film for my digital camera...


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