Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Model Behavior

Have you been following the story about a model who is suing a blogger for calling her a skank? She (I won't use her name here because obviously she is very, um, litigious) even went so far as to get a court-order for Google to reveal the name of the anonymous blogger so that she could properly sue them for defamation and emotional distress.

When I first heard about this I got kind of nervous, as calling someone a skank on the Internet is something I could very well do without thinking twice (well, not a skank, as that's not really a word I use, but maybe a twat or d-bag. What can I say? I'm classy). I once had to take a post down on this site in which I called a celebrity "creepy". I won't go into details, but obviously said celebrity had a Google alert on his or her name, since at the time this blog was read by approximately 12 people. I was shocked when I got into trouble for it, as I had just assumed that if you are a public figure you accept the fact that some people do not like you and may call you ugly or talentless or fat on the Internet. I am by no stretch of the imagination a public figure, but even I expect that if I eventually publish a book I will get hate mail. It happens. People like to write mean things about other people—it's kind of why blogging exists. Blogs have become the diaries, the bathroom walls, and the slam books of the 21st century.

This model—let's call her Skanky McSkankface—is obviously insanely insecure, but only today did I read an article that mentioned a curious and underreported fact: Last year she was cut in the face (details are murky but I assume someone accidentally called her Ma'am or something and box cutters were pulled) and hasn't worked much since. Hmmmmmm. I feel like there's a word for a person who sues an anonymous blogger for a minor insult just to pay her bills after she gets disfigured in a bar fight....I just can't put my finger on

P.S. Someone had better be turning this into Skank: The Musical! For next year's Fringe Festival. If you don't, I will.

P.P.S. Now the top image result for "skank" is this model. AMAZING.


  1. My thoughts are that if you don't want to be talked about in public and disliked by half the population, don't be famous. Seriously. If you're a sensitive person and you can't handle it, don't put yourself out there. I would NEVER want to be famous (except within my own little circle of like, 27 people).

  2. Anonymous3:55 PM

    FringeFest rules!

    Skanks, alas, do not.


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