Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today in Pictures

I can't have that scatalogical post be the first thing on here, so here's a little pictorial of my walk to the bank today (yes, it has come to this).

I live about ten minutes from my old elementary school. Funny how small-town this is even though I live in a big city...

Every time I pass this gallery I think, 'Roberta Flack is a photographer?' and it gets me really excited. I am kind of dyslexic.

Finally, sadly, I passed this lone throw-away on a shady block in Park Slope. I knew the magazine industry was dying, but this is just sad.

I decided to take the little guy home, if for no other reason than to give to my future kids when they ask, "Mom, what did you, like, do before you were a famous writer?"

1 comment :

  1. Awww - I had that book! Bought it when I started at Nylon - how far we have come ;)


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