Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sarah, Not So Plain or Tall

So I know I'm a few days late on the Sarah Palin resigning thing. I just refused to let that woman prevent me from drinking through our nation's birthday in peace. I mean, seriously, who makes a big announcement like that at 4 pm on the Friday before a national holiday? You'd think she didn't want anyone to notice!

I've read a bunch of opinion pieces on why she's resigning from her post as governor before her first term ends, as you have, I'm sure. But for the record, here's my take.

I think there are three plausible reasons for her resignation. I'll rank them in order of their likelihood, in my estimation:

1. Something is forthcoming that would force her resignation and/or damage her reputation further. A criminal investigation, evidence of an affair, something that she knows is going to get leaked. This is where I'm putting my money, because I hope she wouldn't be so stupid as to decide that...

2. She's planning a 2012 presidential bid. I know she has some conservative Republican support, and she won over a lot of decent, hardworking plumbers during the election. But the bad press that was generated during the campaign, not to mention what's come to light afterwards, will continue to follow her. NOT TO MENTION that leaving elected office abruptly before your first term is over is not a good testament to your follow-through (she also stepped down as mayor of Wasilla so that she could run for governor). Seriously, Obama should be so lucky that she runs (or, furthermore, that the GOP lets her, which I don't think they would).

3. She's plotting a comeback in another form. A tell-all bestseller, a talk show, a privately-owned venture. If we're fortunate enough to see the end of her political career, Palin will still find a way back into the spotlight. And if you don't think so, there's a bridge in Alaska I'd like to sell you.

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