Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Funday: Hangover Recovery and Insecticide

A gnat died today when it flew into my lip gloss (not into the tube, mind you--actually on my face). I feel terrible. Who knew that aside from ruining makeout sessions gloss could actually be deadly?

In other news, Jeff and I threw a rockin' barbecue yesterday. We grilled all kinds of meats and I finally made the "frozen margarita in a bucket" mix that my aunt gave me for Christmas like two years ago (in case your are wondering, they did indeed taste as if they were made in a bucket, but as Jeff said, "they got the job done.") My friend Camille made amazing watermelon caipirinhas and another friend, Keith, got everyone drunk on some deceptively mild-tasting spiked blueberry lemonade. The drinking inspired a Michael Jackson Memorial Dance-A-Thon, in which I discovered that it is not recommended to attempt MJ's patented toe-stand while barefoot. All in all, however, injuries were minimal and awesomeness was maximal.

Photos to come!

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