Thursday, June 25, 2009

Never Keep Your Business in the Back

Can we talk about this, please?

I actually have never watched an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (there are a few reality shows that I do not follow, believe it or not) , but of course I've been reading the tabloid stories like the pop culture junkie I am. Everyone is quacking about infidelity and divorce and, OK, those are important issues, but I think the real villain in this story is being completely overlooked.

It wasn't his mistress or her bodyguard who caused this pain. It was the stylist who gave Kate that heinous reverse mullet.

If only she had put her business in the front and kept the party in the back. Then none of this would have happened.


  1. una darling, i recently got a haircut (which looks great, btw) and two days later i realized i have a john and kate haircut. long in the front, short in the back. i don't spike it out like a crazy bitch, but still. i mentioned to john that my current coiffe bears a resemblance to a certain mother of many and his response? "i didn't want to say anything. you also look kind of like flambert" i.e. adam lambert of american idol. then he added for good measure "and zack effron. and kinda like fall out boy." this may come as a surprise, but we're still engaged ;)

  2. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I'm so glad you mentioned this - I kept asking, asking everyone I could - "What the HELL is going on with her hair? Doesn't anyone else think she looks like she's knee-deep in INSANE? Wake the fuck up, people!!!" So I saw the train-wreck coming a year ago when I started watching the show in an attempt to convince myself that I'm not THAT bad of a mother... but the hair, the horror... I hate to admit that it's the hair that kept me coming back.


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