Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weekend O' Babies

So last weekend Jeff and I spent time with the two main (OK, only) babies in our lives: Kingston—ridiculously cute offspring of Evan and Arcelie—and Liam—amazingly adorable nephew.

Jeff was transfixed by the babies, and cooed at them and held them in a way that made my uterus have a seizure. Evidence below:

BABIES. AGHHHHHHH. THE CUTENESS!!!!! They smelled delicious, in case you were wondering.

Did I even tell that story on the blog? So I'm always going on about how good babies smell, because they DO, at least up until they start eating solids. Anyway, my mother is a childbirth educator and sometimes she lets me tag along to her "birthclass reunions," gatherings at which her students bring their relatively newborn babies and eat bagels and gab. So we arrive at one of these things and my mom wastes no time in announcing "Una likes to smell babies." Way to make it seem creepy, Mom. Needless to say, the mothers eyed me suspiciously and moved whenever I came near them.

At least now I can get my baby fix without judgment.

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