Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why is This Blog Different From All Other Blogs?

Well look at me, neglecting my blog for a whole week. It was a very busy week though. I'm both Jewish and Catholic, so I had two nights of Passover (okay, on the first night I just helped my mom make gefilte fish and then I watched ANTM while eating leavened pizza crust and drinking non-kosher wine, but Tyra is kind of a God figure, and she most certainly inflicts plagues upon those models--they have had to pose both with pests and drenched in blood) and then Good Friday, which I celebrated by leaving work early to vacuum and work on my glutes. So you understand.

I'm actually on my way out yet again, first to watch my mom's fat cat get groomed (the cat is so fat that she cannot reach her back and thus has developed gray dreadlocks, and ordinarily I wouldn't want to watch them get shaved off but my mom found the groomer on Craigslist and is afraid that she might be psychotic. God help us if she is a psycho, because I have absolutely no upper body strength and the cat will be no help at all unless I use her as a projectile)and then to go to yet another seder. What can I say? I'm a busy girl.

More (with fewer parenthetical run-on sentences, I promise) tomorrow.

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