Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Only Thing Missing Is The Real Housefraus of Berlin

There is much to write about our last day in Deutschland—I could go on about the colorful streets of Prenzlauerberg, our brunch by the Landwehrkanal, or our final open container beerfest on the cobblestone streets. Instead, I am going to tell you about German television.

Around 11 pm we got home from gorging on Tibetan food and lay on Kerry's bed. Kerry turned on her TV and I bore witness to one of the best viewing experiences of my life. The channels included:

-A lottery show in which callers had to guess animals beginning with the letter 'S'. In the sixty minutes we flipped back and forth to it, literally no one had guessed correctly. "If not enough people call in, sometimes she takes her top off," Kerry said of the comely host.

-Rock of Love 2 with German subtitles.

-An America's Funniest Home Videos-style show in which an oiled woman in a bathing suit fell off of the hood of a car and an overweight woman face-planted on a see-saw.

-According to Jim dubbed in German. Europeans have such funny taste.

-A free porn channel in which a woman in a business suit did an extraordinarily un-sexy dance and proceeded to disrobe.

That hour of TV, along with the existence of Germany's Next Top Model, makes me think I might really feel at home in Berlin.

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