Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Last night Jeff and I crashed a party at the United Nations! Well, we were on the list thanks to my dad, but we acted like crashers. At the door I had no idea what the event was and just stammered something about Rosario Dawson, who was an honoree for her work with Voto Latino (I am such a starfucker. The event was, as it turned out, a dinner for the Epic Awards, held by the White House Project). We quickly stashed our coats and hit the bar!

We had never been inside the UN and it was ... weird. It looks like a high school, and not like a recently-renovated Stuyvesant kind of high school, like a trapped-in-time, awkward, outmoded Hunter kind of high school (I went there, so I know). It’s hardly the grand place you might expect the leaders of the world to use as a headquarters (and it’s nothing like the situation room from Dr. Strangelove—or the McDonald’s dollar menu commercials—like I imagined).

Here’s another weird thing: The portraits of the Secretaries-General (that hang on the wall of the first floor) aren’t paintings; they’re carpets. In frames. WTF? Apparently Jeff’s favorite Secretary General (come on, you know you have one!) is Dag Hammarskj√∂ld, so we took a discreet iPhone photo with “the Hammar” (I just made that up, but I really hope that was his nickname. It shouldn’t go to waste.)

The actual dinner was pretty cool. Lily Ledbetter (of Obama’s recent Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay Act!) was there, as was gun-loving junior senator Kirsten Gillibrand (they smartly introduced Gillibrand and Lebetter together so no one would hiss). Ledbetter was not the most thrilling public speaker, but she had a cute Southern accent, so it evened out. Soledad O’Brien was also there ... her name makes me think of Sabor de Soledad from 30 Rock... mmmmmmmm fried cheese snacks. The name means “Taste of Loneliness.” If only they were real.

What was I saying? Rosario Dawson was there. Geena Davis introduced her! Geena Davis is tall. A lot of the other speakers made reference to her brief role as a TV president in Commander in Chief. They were trying to use it as an example of female empowerment, but seriously, that show was on for like three seconds. It’s like trying to hold up David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News as a giant step for black people. Mmmmm ... I love chocolate. Sorry, I’m distracted. I missed Gossip Girl last night and so I can’t read any of the recaps. And I didn’t wash my hair this morning and I think I may smell of the taxi we took home last night.

Also, I had to sign a contract that I wouldn’t blog during office hours (not just me ... everyone had to), so apologies in advance for the lack of posting during the day.

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  1. I'll admit, I;m 100% trolling through old posts to stay awake and entertained while I feed my 5 month old....and I have to say, I love the 30 Rock references. I thought I was the only one who made them.


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