Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NYT: Fuck-It Buckets on the Rise

This "recession trend" article in today's Times tries to be very serious and journalistic about the fact that people are, perhaps, eating more candy than they used to, because sugar is a cheap and widely available drug.

I'm kind of dubious about this "trend" (although I do appreciate the shout-out to my favorite candy of all time in the headline); eating a lot of candy is not exactly new to Americans. And these people would surely still be spending their money on cocaine, not Necco wafers, if they still had jobs. And also, seriously, WHO EATS NECCO WAFERS? They are a candy FAIL. But I digress.

The main reason that this article leaves me cold is that it can all be boiled down to a quote from "You Can't Kill the Rooster," an essay by David Sedaris that can be found in Me Talk Pretty One Day, published in 2000. Sedaris's brother, Paul (aka "The Rooster") tries to cheer up their depressed father by bringing over what he calls a "Fuck-It Bucket." "Motherfucker," The Rooster advises, "When shit brings you down, just say 'Fuck it!' and eat yourself some motherfucking candy."


  1. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I can't seem to get enough of your blog. To start, I've recently taken up eating candy (and chocolate) as a bona-fide pasttime, and I love that you've confessed your affection for the stuff. You mention David Sedaris, one of the best writers I've ever read and who I actually went to hear at a 'concert' because I couldn't get enough of simply reading all of his works to myself. Finally, your Project Runway thread is so good that I think you should mobilize your readers to nominate you as a guest judge. Keep it going....

  2. Aw, thanks! You made my day!

  3. LOL. I loved hearing that book on CD... Amy Sedaris does such a great "Rooster."

  4. When you read that story aloud on Foss Hill, I thought I would die laughing. It was the beginning of my love for all things David Sedaris.
    Also: I have eaten (super-cheap) candy bars as a substantial portion of my dinner twice this week. This is very unlike me. Now I have a fantastic explanation for it.

  5. Um...I love Necco wafers. It's like having valentine's day hearts all year round.


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