Thursday, February 12, 2009

Venting to A Captive Audience

I am in a really pissy mood today. I have a headache and my belt is too tight and everything out of everyone's mouths makes me want to smack them. I forgot my makeup bag in the kitchen because I was trying to apply lipstick in natural light this morning and now my lipstick is gone and besides that I am shiny and I have no powder. A writer keeps incessantly emailing me as to when I'd be ready to speak on the phone and I don't understand why some people feel they cannot express themselves through email and must instead call me over and over without leaving a fucking message. I missed LOST last night and now I don't know when the fuck the island is or who died, and I ate my lunch at 11 am and now I am hungry but I won't let myself get more food because I have been eating nonstop lately and am pretty sure I've gained a few pounds and when I get bloated I become incredibly self-punitive. Last night I got a letter saying that there is a new company handling my transit reimbursement claims so I am not getting my $162 anytime soon, which is a shame because I am poor. There are a bunch of dishes in the sink and I promised Jeff I'd do them but now I don't want to. I'm behind on my writing but all I want to do is watch TV and feel sorry for myself. We have no decent food in the house and I have been making the same, sad pita pizzas for days because I have recession guilt and have convinced myself that I should eat what I have and not let it go to waste, but I really want to order sushi and charge it to my credit card. I can't win Scrabble against the computer without cheating and I have a birthday present for my 10 year old cousin on my desk that I have not mailed and her birthday was Dec. 24 and I am a terrible person.

Sigh. But at least I know it could be worse.

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  1. Well, I still have Lost on my DVR from last night, so you can break into my house while I'm gone and watch it as I promise not to erase it before you get to watch it and catch up for next week :)

    And I woke up w/ my neck all fcocked and am supposed to be doing laundry and cleaning the stove/apartment and that is hard to do when you can't move your head. So, I feel your pain on the crappy day :(

    But running into you last night was fun!


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