Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nerd Trip!

In keeping with our recent tradition of doing things long overdue in relation to our wedding, Jeff and I finally cashed in a gift certificate some friends gave us for a romantic weekend in—you guessed it—the Delaware River Valley!

It must be said that perhaps we should have gone at a nicer time of year, but we just had to get out of the city, and so we rented a Zipcar and drove up to a quaint and deserted inn in Forestburgh, NY. Sadly, we were too late for kayaking:

But the swings still worked! And we had a lovely room with a fireplace and a Whirpool bath built for two. (Also, cable TV: YES!)

On our first day, we decided to see some historic sites, such as the Stone Arch Bridge Historical Park!

The bridge you see below may look like it was built in the Middle Ages, but in fact it was built about the same time that John A. Roebling built the Brooklyn Bridge! Unfortunately, word did not reach the Delaware River Valley, and two German brothers thought they had created a great structure. Incidentally, the Stone Arch Bridge would be known chiefly for a hex murder that was committed on it in the 1890s.

While Jeff took photos, I decided to use the hood of my coat as a makeshift sled, with mixed results.

Next, we drove (well, Jeff drove: he still does not trust me behind the wheel) to....

The site of one of the lamest of all Revolutionary War battles, the Battle of Minisink (which, Jeff quipped, was just next to the hamlet of Minifridge. He's a keeper.)

The trail of said Battle, which pretty much saw the Delaware Valleyans get their asses handed to them by the Indians, was long and snowy. You know things are dire when you start taking pictures of yourselves looking bored:

BUT there were some rocks to jump from. Bonus.

Next, we visited the Roebling Delaware Aqueduct, built by John A. Roebling, who apparently gets around!

The rest of the weekend was spent, alternately, bathing and watching Survivorman marathons on the Science Channel. Nerdiest vacation ever? Only time will tell ...

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