Friday, February 6, 2009

Deconstructing Barbie

As a kid, I loved behind-the-scenes explanations of how things are made, i.e. the crayon segment on Sesame Street—I think that's why I got into documentary film in my early career, and it's definitely what compelled me to buy season one of Unwrapped from the Food Network website. (I suspect I may be the first person to have actually purchased something from them, as evidenced by the number of unsolicited emails I receive daily).

Anyway, I was thrilled to discover this photo essay about the making of Barbie dolls. I learned many fun facts. For example ....

...did you know that in Ancient Egypt, Barbie mummies were buried with their owners?

...or that the mold for the Barbie head is actually modeled after Andre Gonzalo from Season 2 of Project Runway?

... or that there was a short-lived but highly popular Witness Protection Program Ken?

If the wrong person (read: me) were to have access to the head molds, they might get the idea to make highly inappropriate chocolate popsicles (New Asian ... love that flavor).

And a good job for prison inmates might be to stitch Barbie's hair onto her finished head. I imagine it gets out a lot of aggression!

And finally, if you go out with someone and don't really hit it off, but they get the wrong idea and keep asking you out, I bet this would be a good thing to set up in your living room to scare them off (Jeff, in the interest of full disclosure, I once did this to my Jem doll after giving her a buzz cut):

I love learning new things. Happy weekend!

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