Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stretching the Dollar: Shitty Travel Edition

Hahaha. Oh, MTA, you so CRAZY! First the fare hikes, then the incomprehensible track work that makes me think someone is just spinning a Twister wheel every weekend to decide which lines to re-route and which, BTW, never makes the tracks actually work, and now this. Seatless subways. You know, to pack more people in, make it feel more like a urine-soaked cattle car, denying straphangers everywhere the simple pleasure of wedging onseself in between two surly strangers in the unlikely event that one is able to find a place on the hard, coccyx-bruising, dishwater-gray plastic that passes for a bench. It's good to know that my $2 is going towards progress! What's next? Flintstone-like, bottomless cabs to save gas? No, REALLY, MTA. I REALLY want to know.

1 comment :

  1. What, so people who commute between Queens & Brooklyn, or people who live way the hell up on the UWS and are going TO Brooklyn have to stand for an hour no matter what? Point me at who I need to bitch-slap.
    (Oh, and it's cruel to the old people too. And the heavily pregnant.)


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