Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun With Crosswords, Part Trois

JEFF: Quiz me, quiz me!
ME: Okay ... um, "Morning deposit."
JEFF: Turd.
ME: No. It starts with a D.
JEFF: Dump!
ME: [sighs and closes magazine].

Later ...

ME: Okay, "Bank holding," four letters.
JEFF: Loan.
ME: Yes! Oh, no ... it must be lien. [writing] Leee ... yen.
JEFF: You mean lien. Lean.
ME: That is stupid. I don't even know what lee-yen means.
JEFF: That's because lee-yens don't exist. It's pronounced lean.
ME: I hate the English language!
JEFF: I'm pretty sure it hates you, too.

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