Friday, November 14, 2008

HollyGoHomely Has a Monopoly on Pathetic Pasttimes

So here is what I'm obsessed with lately: playing Monopoly on my iPod nano. I was not going to blog about this (because it is LAME), until last night when Jeff staged an unwitting intervention. He came to bed and nuzzled me, but I was too focused on the fact that Iron REFUSED to land on my slumlord hotels on Mediterranean and Baltic ... and I got a little cranky. Okay, a lot cranky. OK, I had a shit fit.

"He won't land on my HOUUUUUSSSEEEEEEEESSSSSS!" I wailed, as Jeff openly laughed at me. I didn't tell Jeff that the real reason I was pissed was that I cheated and still wasn't winning. You can cheat pretty easily by making the computer player stupid, so that if they have only $46 and you land on Boardwalk, they will let you buy it for $47 instead of mortgaging their properties. Oh my God, I just realized how incredibly sad this post is. I need help. But just one more roll, guys. Just one more, and I promise I'll stop.


  1. I love that you're cheating on computer Monopoly :)

  2. Sadder still? Ridley Scott, once-visionary director of Blade Runner and Alien, is directing "Monopoly: The Movie." And it's not like it's just a movie that is called "Monopoly" coincidentally... it's somehow based on the game.

    No word as to whether it will be 8 hours long, though.


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