Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Racists are Stupid

Unless he means that Obama is half silk, in which case ... I don't know. He could be right. I mean, that voice.


  1. that is fantastic! It reminds me of one time when someone accused me of worshiping Satin*.

    WAIT! Do you think that somehow, the satin worshipers are connected to the muslins?

    I smell a fabric conspiracy!

    *for the record, I don't. Satin is okay, but it's certainly not my fabric of choice. This time of year, I prefer tweed.

  2. HAHAHA. The satinists and the muslins are definitely in cahoots. And I don't worship Satin either -- it's so unforgiving.

    P.S. Muslin is also the fabric of choice for "draping" on Project Runway ... could this be the GOP trying to link Obama to the gays??


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