Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McCain "Straight Talk" Debate Camp Opens Special Fall Session!

Wehn I saw the above photo on CNN, I totally thought it was a "gotcha" moment: someone found a photo of Sarah Palin practicing debating (at actual podiums, of course) on McCain's Arizona ranch, and naturally spread it around for public ridicule. But then I read that the McCain campaign actually released this image on purpose.

Which begs the question: Why dress Palin as a camp counselor? I know they call it "debate camp," but this is a 44 year-old woman. Camp does not become her, unless she's cast as the kindly nurse. Why the white baseball cap and red tee shirt that scream "C'mon, guys, we'll have bug juice and make SpinArt after a rousing game of Capture the Flag"?

I guess they wanted to make it look like she was really buckling down and preparing, but I don't know. Yelling at a campaign aide in an Arizona backyard does not an orator make.

1 comment :

  1. dude, the hat is necessary. when have we seen her without a teased-up beehive hairdo? probably her hair is all ragged or dreadlocked or balding in the back because of all the backcombing. just sayin.


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