Friday, October 17, 2008

I Dream of Claudia Kishi

It has been a long week, y'all. Drama. Intrigue. Deception. Prosecco.

Project Runway finally finished with a giant yawn. So that was something. I am so tired I can't even blog. So I am so lucky that my friend Adri had a fabulous dream about me last night. Thanks for the fodder, baby!

Everyone is on a cruise ship to celebrate Una and Jeff's first wedding anniversary. There are lots of bright blue margaritas. I'm asked to get some for people which means that I need to carry three. On my way to get them, I pass [Una's] mom and ask her what she thinks about carrying that many big glasses. She didn't like the idea.

I want to use the toilet so I go into the small room. Settle on the pot and start reading a book on display. It's Una's old diary from when she was a kid... I read an entry in which Una says that she loved that one book from The Babysitters Club in which they had a wedding on a cruise ship. Young Una wrote that she thinks that the coolest idea ever.

Then we all move into the ballroom for the meal. Jeff and Una finally get to see each other. Jeff takes a bow from one end of the room. Una tries to curtsey behind a banquet table and doesn't do it as well as she had practiced.

This dream is crazy and totally true. My mom would hate someone carrying three margaritas at a fancy party! I did love the Babysitter's Club Super Special series, and there was one when they went on a cruise. And my dream self would surely be as clumsy and self-defeating as my real self!

Happy weekends. Come see Jeff's show.

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