Friday, September 19, 2008

VOTE ... On Your favorite 80s snack!

When I wasn't making elaborate flow charts designed to make people feel stupid, today I tracked down some of my favorite childhood foods online.

First up: Sunkist Fun Fruits snacks. I for some reason have an unhealthy obsession with these and always crave them. They were like little pieces of Fruit Roll-Up, perfectly shaped and bite-sized.

Next: Giggles cookies. I had to Google "smiley face sandwich cookies" to find these. I remember them fondly.

Here is a close-up. They even had beanies!

And finally, Purplesauraus Rex Kool-Aid. Best flavor ever. I used to sell this at my short-lived lemonade stand when I was eleven (and subsequently learned my first business lesson: laziness pays! Mixing Kool-Aid = way better than squeezing lemons.)

Jeff wants me to add Bonkers to the list, but I maintain that they still make Bonkers. Anyone want to be the tie-breaker?



  1. Anonymous10:42 PM

    I have to vote for Giggles by default because I was not allowed any of the others. And I believe I got the Giggles at someone else's house anyway... I think I liked the chocolate filled ones better than the chocolate cookie ones tho.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i remember eating those smiley face cookies at your house! yowza!

    i also have a deep love of fruit snacks. so chewy! oooh. that's the kind of thing my parents forbade me to eat, so now as an adult, i buy them all the time...

    also, you should know that i am registered to vote and even vote in local town primary elections where there are no contested races. so, you know...

  4. PurpleSaurus Rex always bugged me when I was a kid because the dinosaur on the package is obviously an herbivore, yet it takes its name from the most famous carnivore of them all.

  5. OMG - I am so craving those Giggles cookies right now. Damn you, LaMarche!!

    Also, Wikipedia claims that today's Bonkers is a completely different animal from the Bonkers of our youth. So I'm gonna have to come down on Jeff's side on this one...

  6. i can never get enough fruit snacks.
    bonkers were aiight, but i always viewed them like a wannabe starburst.

  7. I don't think it can be called a "snack", but oh... how I loved Hubba Bubba Bubblegum!

    ps. Bonkers are da BOMB!

  8. oh. my. god. sunkist fun fruits!!!! those are fruit snacks to me. these days, fruit snacks are translucent and shaped like cartoon charaters. i would LOVE it if fruit snacks returned to this simplicity: shape, flavor, etc. i don't want some nasty spider-man-shaped snack that comes in blue mango kiwi or whatever. give me sunkist fun fruits!!!

  9. Anonymous5:29 PM

    This rocked my world. Thank you for reminding me of the only discontinued product I DIDNT remember: Giggles.


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