Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am getting really depressed about the election, y'all. I am starting to think that unless McCain keels over or Palin utters a racial slur on camera, the great hope of Barack Obama is going to get crushed under stupid shit like today's "lipstick on a pig" controversy, which I'm sure will come to be called Lipstick-gate, because every single fucking political scandal of any degree must have 'gate' attached to it to recall Watergate (which was actually a scandal; this is not).

Sigh. We have gotten to the point where Obama cannot use a colloquialism that has been used recently by both McCain (in reference to Hillary Clinton's healthcare plan) and Cheney (who is not dead, apparently, as he's been making public appearances) but McCain's son can call Muslims 'sand niggers' and 'dune coons' (granted, on a blog comment, which could be fake) and no one cares.

And then we have Ron Paul, who helpfully suggests that his supporters vote for third party candidates to make a statement. And here is the statement: McCain wins anyway. Someone pass me a cocktail and a foreign passport, for the love of God.

The worst part of all of this is that the media is really making a difference this year. In our celebrity-obsessed, 24 hour news coverage world, this election has become fodder for passive mud-slinging in the form of what news sites choose to cover. Making a big deal of the "lipstick" comment (and Jesus, people, he didn't say "You can put lipstick on a Bridge-to-Nowhere building, moose-dressing, self-satisfied secessionist bitch, but she's still unqualified." Whew, but me saying it sure felt good!) just makes more people aware of it. Same thing with the YouTube culture spreading McCain's attack ads like wildfire. Sure, the "liberal media" has liked Obama in the past, but they're not helping him now, are they? It's the Sarah Palin show. Hand in your uterus at the door.

On the bright side, though, I went to get my teeth cleaned today and guess what? No cavities! Also I got a free toothbrush.

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