Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She Said/He Said

Liveblogging the Republican National Convention.

Una: I know this is kind of off-limits, but Cindy McCain looks kind of like JonBenet Ramsey trapped in a 50 year-old body with a brow lift, no?

She's way older than that.

Well, still.

(to Joe Lieberman's speech) Like 6 people are clapping.

Their signs look like Hershey bars! Look! The 'Service' sign on the back of the 'Country First' sign! Mmmmmm, Hershey bars! (See above photo)

(at Joe Lieberman) Pimpin' ain't easy.

Una: Lieberman says Obama is a 'young man.'

Jeff: To Republicans, he is a young man.

Una: Joe Lieberman has to tell people that McCain is liked by leaders of other countries. He's all "trust me, I was there."

Jeff: They're blaming Bush! They can't blame Bush, it's their own party.

Una: I want to hurt him. Agggghhhhh! Cindy McCain! Her face is stretched like Play-Doh!

Jeff (Imitating a newscaster): And when he called his wife a cunt in public, he added 'America first, you last ... cunt.'

Are they saying 'Yes we can'?

They're saying 'Country First.'

STOP POACHING DEMOCRATS!!!! Lieberman sux 4evs.

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  1. You guys have probably heard this one by now, but J.Pal also was part of an actual political party in Alaska whose agenda was to get Alaska seceded from the rest of the US. I feel like I have something cleverer in me than "And you call Michelle Obama unpatriotic?" but that's the best I can do at this hour/level of marijuanocity.


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