Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Project Runway Recap!

I have been so terrible about my Project Runway recaps, y'all. I'm sorry. Maybe if someone wants to pay me full time to watch TV and blog about it I can start getting these things in on time. Until then, I will leave the thorough recapping to bloggers luckier than I.

So, I am just going to skip the drag challenge, because it is old news now AND I can't remember any of the drag queens' names except for Hedda Lettuce and Sweetie. Suffice to say Daniel had impeccable taste, as evidenced by the photograph below:

If Moonstruck-era Cher had a threesome with Wilson Cruz (Ricky on My So-Called Life, and if you needed to be reminded, give yourself a smack from me) and one of those generic bodega bins of sherbet, this would be their love child.

Read the whole recap here.

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