Thursday, September 25, 2008

John McCain Takes the Physical Challenge

Amazingly, the New York Post inspired me this morning. I play a little game every day on the subway where I try to read the Post headline on other people's papers, which is invariably some terrible play on words (NYPD JEW), or, simply, a cartoon fight noise (SHAZAM!). But today, the headline was DOUBLE DARE. Which made me think of Marc Summers, which took me to my happy place. And then I realized that Double Dare is the prefect analogy for this whole debate debate.

In Double Dare, for those of you who missed out on the greatest game show ever made (I would like to meet the genius who thought of combining trivia with diving headfirst into whipped cream), teams of kids would get trivia questions. If one team couldn't answer, they would dare the other team to answer. If that team couldn't answer, they would double dare the original team. And then if the first team really wanted to throw down, they would take the physical challenge, which meant that instead of answering they could still win by doing a silly and completely unrelated stunt.

Sound familiar?

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