Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Holly GoHomely: It Is Kenley's Fault that I Don't Recap Expediently. Well, Hers and Also Pinot Noir's.

Damn, y'all, I am bad at being a recapper. I mean, I would love it if it was my only job, but since it's not, I have no motivation to actually recap in a timely manner. Also every Wednesday I get way too drunk while watching Project Runway and then sort of forget about it.

But I've been thinking, next year I think I'm going to make a blog resolution to recap a few of my favorite shows. Like how last year I blogsolved to blog at least 240 posts in 2008 (or at least 20 posts per month) and I am totally doing it (and yes, you could argue that my posts now tend to be less substantive and more stream-of-consciousness, but you know what? Shut up.)

Anyway, so, yeah, Proj Run. There have been two episodes since I last recapped. And I honestly can't remember them very well because I was doing my loud Kenley impersonation (basically repeating "I think I nailed it!" over and over in a nasal voice and then laughing obnoxiously) throughout. Let me go refresh my memory and I'll redeem myself tomorrow at the latest.

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