Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fashion Week: Betsey Johnson is F***ing Insane!

I have gone to one fashion show in my life as a magazine editor, which isn't very impressive until you consider that I am not at all important. The great thing about fashion week, though, is that you can judge the clothes without being there. Thank you,!

For Spring/Summer '09, Michael Kors is all about lampshade hats and baggy (yet tapered at the ankle!) tracksuits that look like somethong Sigourney Wearver's character in Working Girl would have worn to Lucille Roberts ...

Whereas sartorial scamp Marc Jacobs prefers shtetl chic...

But the batshit craziest (and by that I mean best) of them all is Bestey Johnson. And you can see her incredibly fashion-forward take on the strapless-nightie-romper-as-clown-cabaret-costume here.

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  1. Just this morning, I was lamenting my lack of unflattering romper nighties. All of the romper nighties I currently own are NOT strapless. Which is obviously a travesty. And I don’t even own a bowler.


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