Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Might as Well Face it, I'm Addicted to Gloss

I haven't been able to read any magazines lately (I know—deep breaths) because I have been catching up on season one of Gossip Girl on my iPod. A girl has got to have priorities. But then on Friday I came up for air and discovered this on my coffee table:

(They aren't usually fanned out in this obnoxious, doctor's office way—but it sure makes a pretty picture! P.S. The National Geographic is Jeff's.)

And then I remembered the 10 Sassy magazines I bought on eBay during a particularly nostalgic week:

My plan had been to get drunk and revisit my youth page by page. But who has the time?

It was only when I went to recycle some old magazines that I realized I had a problem.

It was like waking up to a bunch of bottles I didn't remember having drunk. Then again, oooh, Oreos!

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