Monday, August 25, 2008

Speeding and Spilling My Way Through Rhode Island

So, I made it. I successfully drove—as only billions have done before me—out of New York via the BQE and took 95 all the way up to exit 92 without incident, even though in retrospect I maybe should have saved my maiden highway voyage for daylight hours. I only once almost rear-ended someone while changing lanes (I have a bad habit of staring long and hard at my blind spot instead of glancing) and surprised Jeff by actually speeding most of the way there (he was totally expecting me to be inching along in the right lane). Instead, he found himself hanging onto the dash for dear life as I pushed 80, yelling with glee, "I am totally popping my cherry right now!" Poor Jeff.

Our weekend in Rhode Island can best be marked by a series of spills. The morning after we arrived, I spilled my coffee all over Jeff and the cream-colored rug of the rental place my Dad and his girlfriend were staying. While decorating my father's birthday cake, I spilled coconut on that same rug. That night, I spilled my vodka-lemonade down Jeff's back while watching fireworks, after which I immediately twisted my ankle dancing around the living room. And then finally, yesterday, I slipped down the carpeted stairs and bruised my ass something awful. (I've slipped down stairs before in those same sandals, but I paid $90 for them, so I am going to WEAR them, dammit!)

I would like to point out, however, that I kayaked without capsizing, thereby exceeding everyone's expectations. Photos to come!

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